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These belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal.
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil.

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Just a reminder... [Tuesday
February 5th, 2008 at 12:55am]


Hufflepuff Pride

to whom it may concern... [Sunday
October 17th, 2004 at 4:47pm]

were you once a member and now find yourself removed?

if the answer is no, please ignore the rest of this post, however...

if the answer is yes, then it either means a technical error was made, or you were inactive and missed the "inactivity notices." if you didn't respond to any of the notices you have been removed. chances are you have also been removed from the main community at castlehogwarts as well.

if you would like to back in both communities, please contact me leaving a comment here or via email: fponkharas [at] gmail [dot] com -or- aim: fponkharas. also just join back. its not hard. if you do join back be sure to read the previous posts as to why you were deleted. and learn of the ways to not be deleted again.

have a good day,

Hufflepuff Head of House
Hufflepuff Pride

Welcome to the Hufflepuff Common Room! [Tuesday
August 10th, 2004 at 8:55pm]

1 People have l Hufflepuff Pride

I'm Back People ! [Tuesday
August 10th, 2004 at 6:42pm]

Heya! Just thought I'd let you know that I'm back and ready to roll... so What has been gioning on some one fill me in on what I miss the past 22 days ?
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Stand Up and Represent [Wednesday
August 4th, 2004 at 11:58pm]

The Professors have been telling me their classes are Ravenclaw and Gryffindor Heavy. Joining is not required, but highly encouraged because House points are awarded! Help your house win points -take a class!!!!

Deva, Deputy Headmistress
Maria, Headmistress
Hufflepuff Pride

August 2nd, 2004 at 11:46am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

I'll be gone for about a week or so. I'm going to camp. So i'll post when i get back.

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bye guys [Thursday
July 29th, 2004 at 11:04pm]
Hey, i hate to say it but im going to have to leave this community. i really just don't have time to keep up with it anymore so sorry but thanks all for a great time and maybe one day i will come back but for now i have to leave. i will miss you all. goodbye! <3
Hufflepuff Pride

Hello and Way to Go!!!! [Tuesday
July 27th, 2004 at 6:49pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey guys! Sorry, been out of touch and out of town recently. Just wanted to take the time to say HI! and WELCOME! to ALL our new Huffs and to say WOOHOO! Way to go guys! on the gaining of the points! Lets keep it up! Yay!

Hufflepuff Pride

July 23rd, 2004 at 12:09pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello fellow Hufflepuffs! This is my first post in our common room.So i'd just like to say hullo to all!


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Deputy Deva_Chase [Friday
July 23rd, 2004 at 11:33am]

hey guys, this is deva from ch

These are the names of EVERYONE at present in Hufflepuff...

check it out

name, lj username, aim nameCollapse )

if something doesn't look right please email me at devakichase@hotmail.com


oh and thanks to Nicole *lilmissjew" for helping me post this in your community!
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Lack of voting... [Friday
July 23rd, 2004 at 11:00am]

There has been a severe lack of voting! Please vote for your Common Room Prefect! only three people have voted! (thanks to those people by the way!)

Dont be afraid to vote if your a nominee, vote for someone or even yourself! who cares! just vote!
Hufflepuff Pride

July 18th, 2004 at 8:48pm]

[ mood | :) ]


This is most likely my last post for a long time I'm leaving wedsday and I didn't want to just disopeer :)


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lalalalala... Hey guys! [Sunday
July 18th, 2004 at 4:01pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey people! where is everyone? lol umm... can someone link me to the good pic of whoever is playing Cedric in the GoF movie? i cant find the link anymore lol. um... yeah. and you guys feel free to IM me... im anxious to meet everyone. :D

p.s. Check out my new icon!! doesnt it rock? made by a fabulous friend of mine in ravenclaw :D thanks!! :D

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Greetings all! [Sunday
July 18th, 2004 at 1:01am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi all! New Huff here! I'm cody and i wanna rock this house guys. I notice we're the big 0 in house points, so lets get to steppin :) I allready entered the fic contest thinggy... too late to do more before i found out about it, but mayhaps there will be more oppertunities :) Anywho, glad to be here and can't wait to get crackin' :D
If anyone wants to contact me my AIM s/n is iknowparseltung my email addy is frodolives84@msn.com so feel free to contact me anytime, i dont bite :) at least... not always...

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July 15th, 2004 at 6:15pm]
yay the info looks good. now i know some stuff about us lol. our house colors are yellow and black right? and im gonna try and find out where our dorm is in the castle and other stuff. <3 my badgers
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suggestions [Wednesday
July 14th, 2004 at 5:23pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Guys. i have a suggestion. If you notice the other house common rooms in the info it tells all about their house and where there common room is and who the head of house is. like check out the info in all the other common rooms. I personally do not really know anything about hufflepuff and i think we should put stuff in our info to about the characteristics of our house. They dont talk about hufflepuffs that much in the books so i dont know anything about us. Can someone or someones try to find out stuff about our house or give me websites where i can find some stuff then i can sumbit it to the owner of this community and they can put the info in the userinfo section so ppl will know us better. For example:

1) We need to know who our head of house is in the books
2) where our common room is located in the castle
3) our house colors
4) if possiable what are common room looks like inside
5) what the sorting hat says about hufflepuffs
6) who the founder was of hufflepuff house(i forget what it said in the books) and other stuff ppl may want to know. Look at the info in the other house community's to get ideas on what ppl should know about us cus i sure as heck no barely nothing about hufflepuff and im curious to know more about our house. Help me out guys.

<3 you all


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hello there [Wednesday
July 14th, 2004 at 11:41am]
[ mood | geeky ]

i am new here... it is nice to meet you all. I am Heather... but please, do call me Heathy or Heathy-Chan. I like that better! :grins: Um... so, yes, I accept friends... and I believe that I am going to be 6th year. :shuffles feet: so it is nice to meet you all!

<3 heathy

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grrneess [Tuesday
July 13th, 2004 at 11:13pm]
ok. the post i made before was not to yell at anybody. i love all the ppl in castlehogwarts i just got mad after that comment was said. it was my breaking point cus im just sick of ppl picking on us. we need to step it up. help me out guys. lets have a house chat and be more united. we need to work together like a team. were all friends and were supposed to be loyal to each other so lets work together and prove ourselves to castlehogwarts. somone or someones who is/are talented needs to step it up and volunteer to try and do something for the contests going on. we need some points man. wouldnt it be nice for hufflepuffs to win the house cup for once. someone volunteer to do submit something for the competion or maybe we can think of a new one and ask the mod from castlehogwarts if its ok. we need to gain some respect. if anyone has any ideas on what we can do and we need to plan a house chat so leave your comments on this post or im me on AIM if you have it. .. my screename is .. ilovemyjuicebox.
Hufflepuff Pride

OMG .. GRRR [Tuesday
July 13th, 2004 at 2:57pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

ok i dont know about you guys but i am defintely offended. this person who shall not be named applied at castlehogwarts for sorting and she said not hufflepuff and she said that we were "hussies" i did not appercate this at all. im not trying to start anything and i hope this doesnt turn out like that but im just upset and hurt that people rag on us all the time. do you know how annoying it is for everyone to be saying not hufflepuff..ughh im so pissed that everyone is saying that. there is nothing wrong with us and we are not "the wussies" i cant beleive someone would even say that. im in hufflepuff and im trying to be strong and support you guys but when everyone is constanly ditching the hufflepuffs i feel horriable and its hard being in this house i dont like being a hufflepuffer sometimes. i know someone doesnt have to like everyone but wussies? i mean geez cut us some slack ppl. its horriable that we always get picked on and im sick of it. but im sticking by you guys and i love you all. i just had to make a post about this because it was making me sad :(.

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July 8th, 2004 at 8:14pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Read more...Collapse )

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